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Femme Femme
Originaire de : Nice
France Alpes-Maritimes
Inscrit depuis le : 16 Mars 2010
Dernière connexion : 11 Avril 2012 à 14:23


At the age of 13 she began experimenting with her voice in a rock band at shool and with some elements she organize the Gosper ITI Internazional during five years of college.
In 1989 she undertook her first studies of Jazz voice with the German singer Martina Grosseburlage the only teacher of Silvia Mezzanotte (Matia Bazar).
In 2005 she studied vocal at the Centro Jazz of Turin with the singer Rosalba Miccoli until 2008.
Later she continued her studies with Rosalba Miccoli and Silvia Pellegrino; later on she took the Style VoceOriginale ( recognition accompanied by Guido Canavese’s piano.
She joined the Gospel Choir at Centro Jazz during the learning years.
She worked with Time Machine, a tribute band of Pink Floyd as a chorister and with Gentle Guitars in the interpretation of some songs by Beatles.
Participated in the project SEIES, vocal sestet acapela.
In 2008 she joined the honor to work with Carlo Actis Dato and Paolo Franciscone (50 anni Città di Settimo – Suoneria).
Also in 2007 she began working with the blues rock band Alcatraz as a voice solist.
During a trip to Montreal in July 2009 she met her mentor Momo Soro ( percussionist and drummer of Alpha Blondy and Dobacaracol, with whom she began the exploration of World Music.
Her passion for traditional world music hed, at long last, a great take off with an international artist such as the Nigerian singer and actress Sonia Aimy. (
In Jannuary 2010 Giulia Jivan cooperated with her by the presentation of the album Mother in planning and also she participated in its execution singing and dancing.
Another important artist, Mbaye Ndiaye ( from Senegal (dancer, choreographer, singer and percussionist) took also part in this project with her.
After the dissolution of the blues rock band Alcatraz, reassembled the band with new musicians, like Danilo Pala on sax, Daniele Citriniti on bass and Marco Sponza on guitar.
With the new band, the Heady Blues , she’s “entrently” engaged in the preparation of new repertoire that will focus on the origins of the blues.
She also collaborates with the Sunshine Gospel Choir.
These days Giulia Jivan is preparing a musical project with Fire Tongue (T. Boys) in Paris, and she’s also working as a composer of new songs in collaboration with Abibata Toure (Tiken Jah Fakoly).
In India, during 2001, she took the mistic name Jivan Arnava, from sannyasin and tantric master Osho. This experience, will accompany her in the voice path significantly.
In India she participated in a vocal and theatrical stages and also vocal technique and VOICING, a central American traditional technique for the recovery of the original and spontaneus voice.
She continues this process now with tantric master Daniel Odier ( , and thanks to the tantric practices honed his sensitivity of body and voice with an intense Female’s Energy.
She’s a booking manager of artists of A.F.A. Afro Festival Association ( and actors including Piero Passatore. (
She also took part as an actress in the web-series Blinded Devil ( by G.V.K. Omoigui Sandretti.

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