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Unspoken Logic Hardcore-Fusion
Unspoken Logic
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Unspoken Logic is a screamo/hardcore/metal band from Luxemburg.

The band contains 5 motivated band members.

Unspoken Logic already shared the stage with many international artists such as CONVERGE (USA), (Bullet for my valentine UK) and played far over 150 shows.

The real story of Unspoken Logic started in 2005 when the band begun to play shows all over Luxemburg.

During 2005 the band changed the rehearsal room and moved into a small room of the youth center in Soleuvre. But they soon left this room and searched better conditions to evaluate and progress. In May 2006, the band joined the Rockhal, where it got a new rehearsal room with conditions allowing the young musicians to fully concentrate on writing music.

Unspoken Logic recorded its debut album in July 2005 in a private studio in Luxemburg. “Sunshine between the leaves” was released in March 2006 and was rated by an English record as intensive. (“after I played this album on Live At Underground, I got a ton of people asking about the band. This is a great band.”-underground records) By that time, the band already rehearsed in their current rehearsal room at the Rockhal / Belval and played about 30 shows to collect new experience with national artists like dEFDUMp, Mutiny on the bounty, Exinferis, Everwaiting Serenade and a lot more.

While the band was rehearsing at Rockhal, the band made huge progress and changes in its music style and collected much more experience in live performances. The boys are looking forward to get bigger shows, to cross the borders of Luxemburg and to promote their music on international level.

So 2007, Unspoken Logic was listed as band of the month at a Greek magazine (free music magazine) and also joined its compilation CD. Unspoken Logic also got the possibility to promote in the United States of America, by adding a post in Scratch Magazine and joining its compilation CD vol. 36 with one song. This magazine was printed more then 10’000 time and had been distributed at the Warped Tour 2007 in Los Angeles. In 2007, Unspoken Logic played more then 50 shows in and outside of Luxemburg with national artists like, Eternal Tango, Everwaiting Serenade, Fast Friday and international artists like Parachutes (D), Morda (B), An early Cascade (D), Blacktop (UK), Sword of Greyskull (D), My only scenery (F) and lots more.

In 2008, the band was interviewed by the luxemburgish magazine Telecran to show the public that luxembourgish underground music has got a lot of powerful and hard working bands who create music that can catch up on international level.

During 2008 the band played lot of shows inside and outside of Luxemburg. In July 2008, the band played at Exhaus / Trier as support band for the American band Converge (USA) and supported bands like The Acacia Strain (USA), Rise and Fall (USA), Knights of the Abyss (USA), Annotations of an autopsy (UK).

In March 2008, Unspoken Logic recorded a new demo tape, including 3 new tracks for promotional use only. About four months later in July / August 2008 Unspoken Logic recorded its second album “Nympholepsy” at Ghostcity Recording Studio in Germany. Combining brilliant Metalcore riffs and different scream-voices with melodic parts accompanied with chant, this 14-tracked Ablum, released on October 24th, shows the gained maturity the band members and their music.

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