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Transcoder is a Belgian alternative rock band, founded in 2010 consisting of five members: Jan
Van Acker (vocals), Francis Isebaert (guitar), Steve Lehnen (guitar), Miguel Wensh (bass) and
Minco De Bruin (drummer).
Steven Van Havere, drummer of the Belgian rock band Arid, was quickly impressed by the
Transcoder sound and invited the band as support for an Arid concert that took place on
February 19, 2011 at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels ..
Shortly afterwards Transcoder got invited by singer ,tv-star Jasper Steverlinck (Arid) to be his
“Poulains” . “De Poulains” A radio & tv-show for national station Studio Brussels, in wich 4
settled musicians present their favourite upcoming band . For this occasion they returned to the
Ancienne Belgique to perform live on February 6 2011.
In March 2012 Transcoder released a video clip for their first single, Fading Flame, starring
singer and radio/tv presenter Roos Van Acker.
The band ‘s first EP “for my blood”, produced by Luc Van Acker , will be released february
On their official website, the band mentions musical influences such as The Stooges, Sonic
Youth, Joy Division and Radiohead
In addition, they also explain to be inspired by genres like blues garage punk, new wave, stoner
rock and grunge.

fading flame (official video)

TRAfading flame (official video)

final solution

LIVE!un enregistrement d'un fan (iphone) avec 'guest special' Jasper Steverlinck d'Arid.

Voir les 2 videos

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