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The Jacob Conspiracy Rock
The Jacob Conspiracy
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The band was formed in November 2008 and has since played several gigs in Luxembourg and the greater region (Open air festival “Food for your senses”, local gigs in Luxembourg-city, Esch/Alzette etc.).

« The Jacob Conspiracy » performs in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and France and is looking forward to continuing playing there and other countries too.

In September 2009, they recorded a four piece demo CD at Charles Stoltz' studio in Luxembourg-city. The songs may be listened to either at the following internet site or the Demo CD included with the press kit.

« The Jacob Conspiracy » is a very dynamic band when performing live, reaching out to the public and including them into their show. The songs vary from sing-along phrases to more bluesy tones, catching the public’s attention by delivering a wide range of Rock-Pop tunes.

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