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The Strange Garage
The Strange
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The year 2007 began with the arrival of Tommy, who came to bring an extra touch to the compositions of three others. This year was full of progress for the group with their first CD "Dive With Us" a live recording rotten but nice for a beginning group.

In 2008 and 2009 the group wrote and recorded to find the key that will allow them to climb.
In this good year 2010, the band began the year by the "semi final" Classe'Eurock playing on stage at Space 3000 in Hyères France. Decided to climb again, the group working hard, and was finally able to afford a real studio they needed. The album is still in preparation ...

2011: "Feeling the Death of Love On the Hill" is the last song Recorded with "aixqui?" In May
The 21th June, The Band Played at Aix-en-Provence for the final Classeurock2011, THEY won 9 Days at Rotterdam (Holland), They Played on Westerpop Festival at Delft with a typical weather of holland.

And Free Ep 3songs upon request at

Je vote !
fredox - 25/02/2010 à 11:41
Passez une bonne journée !


On the Boat at Rotterdam with Popunie Association

Feeling the Death on the Hill of Love

Recorded at Aix en Provence France with Aixqui? Association
The 21 June 2011

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