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The Sex Mess Hardcore-Fusion
The Sex Mess
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Here they are, comin' from the back of your alley, dumb and cruel, drunk and horny...
The S(ex) M(ess) !

It happened some day, nobody really saw it coming, it just was there.. A whirlwind of lust, violence and looseness, corrupting everything in its path, turning heroes into drunken hobos, priests into transsexual nazi hookers, and so on. What good could come from such creeps anyway? Hiding their face under sordid masks like only the killers and the libertines do.. Blending garage, punk, hardcore, grunge and all kinds of degenerated and blasphemous rock'n'roll junk into something really noisy, and sticky, they're everything you hate and fear... Beware, prepare yourself to hear more about them, as they silently invade the underground, like the rats they are...

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