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MaN Du YoW Hip-Hop
MaN Du YoW
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MAN DU YOW (ME is not YOU in wolof) is a way to express that we are all different, in keeping with races, religions, vision of life... That is why a lot of tolerance and comprehension is necessary between human beings to hope to live in harmony. This is also a manner to say no to prejudices because nobody is perfect and only God holds the monopoly of truth. Philosophy: Every awareness arouses a new awareness, but the best one is self-awareness. Created in 1999, MAN DU YOW was composed at the beginning of 7 MCs from different bands that were all from Thiaroye (precisely from Thiaroye-sur-mer and ghetto Guinaw Rails), one of the most disfavored suburbs of Dakar. In 2000, after many changes in the crew and many MCs passing trough, Kooljaah became integrated to the band that we know today, with his leader Sebor. Sebor and Kooljaah, with perseverance, will bring the clan to a new spirit with a particular self consciousness and a good creativity. It is with this philosophy that they try to self- produce their first album Ft Fnt (Arise and Create) released on July 1st 2004, in witch you will find thoughtful lyrics about tolerance and justice. Those two MCs really believe that hip hop is losing his virtues and that we have to go back to his roots, which means to be more conscious about what should be the role of hip hop leaders in our society. To get the mic for our bros , could be the motto of MAN DU YOW which sees a lot of young people of their neighborhood lives in crime and perversion due to cruel poverty that deprives them of education and good leisure activities. Just as we took the mic and felt our brothers listened to us, we realized the responsibility we have towards them. The MAN DU YOW crew delivers a conscious rap with Islamic and philosophic influences through a unique flow. Lyrics are accentuated by a fresh style referencing to African poetry and by a rap made of well-constructed rhymes.

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