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Herrschaft Industriel
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HERRSCHAFT was born at the end of the year 2004, thanks to the motivation of M.X. (singer and lyric author).

Eager to create a Metal band for a long time, he meets _MaX_ (member of Sworn, ex-Otargos), then Zo3 (guitarist from the HxC band Splinter).

-Everybody gets on good quickly, the three men sharing the same passion for extreme Metal and the Electro/Indus music, and all being justified by the will to form a band which would explore both faces of a majestic world, but bound to destruction.

-After the first work of composition, result of a rapid collaboration between _MaX_ and Zo3, HERRSCHAFT starts to work the songs in rehearsals during the summer 2005.

In same time the record sessions of the future mini-album starts.

-All this things are followed by the arrival of MaT (ex-Erynies) towards the end of the year 2005, to prepare the live shows.

-The logical continuation with this recording is a work of intensive rehearsals, in order to prepare a live set which would make discover to the Metal and Dark Electro fans that the fusioned union of both atypical kinds of music has a name by the way.

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