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Hanks Pharmacy Rock
Hanks Pharmacy
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hANKS pHARMACY are: SHARP guit vox GRIFFI bass-fx FOX drums

After several changes in the rhythm department, the pharmacy staff is now complete since July 2005. In our laboratory, we're assembling Rock-n-Roll based on natural products like drums, bass & guitar, mixed with punk and pop elements. During our studies at the school of Rock, we've learned a lot from our various inmates. If you plan to visit our shop, don't forget your earplugs, cause we care about your health , have safe sex ! h-p invert A little bit of History: Patrice and Stephan have been playing music together already since 1996. They had a band called Spleen (Style: Independent Rock) (in no relation with the luxembourgish band Spleen which is actually existing). They released one full length album in 2001 called ?Salt Rock Tuna?. From 2002 till july 2005 they played with many different drummers like Jérome Kralj (ex: Chaos am Re) ,Vic Federspiel (ex: Gauged) and FIREHANDZ(ace, Goddard, the mess,amo) Laurent has been playing drums with Fluyd (Style: Crossover/Rap Rock) from 1994 to 2001 (founding member). During that period, they released one album in 1999 called ?Swarm? and several tracks on different compilations.


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