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SOFA ne possède pas de boutique.
In short:

"Early to late 90's inspired indie with a decidedly european flavour.

Songs vary from nocturnal singer-songwriter compositions to melodic outbursts and vitriolic overtures. Combining early Pixies energy and elements of experimental English punk...."

The whole story:

Founded in Roermond, The Netherlands in 1996, this foursome have released several independent recordings. They have well since earned their keeps by winning Studio Brussel's DemoPoll in 2003, supporting the likes of Kashmir (DK), Intwine (NL), Sukilove (BE) and Daryll Ann (NL). SOFA made it to the finals of the "Wraak van Brabant' festival and later won "De Bandstrijd" while shooting their video to "Leap".SOFA have been operating from Tilburg since 2000, finding a home base in Yvo?s studio The Velvet Overlook. Their untitled EP and album ?All This Love? were produced there.

2007: activities so far and what?s in the pipeline:

- SOFA feature on tv show ?Walhalla? in January 2007.

- Release first and second single, accompanying videos and album.

- Possible collaboration with director Vincent van Zelm.

- Gallery performance, art collaboration with Sebastiaan Schlicher. (date and location to be confirmed).


- SOFA record part of the score for Vincent van Zelm's short film "Hardcore".

- Albumsong ? All this love? features in "Hardcore" (NPS najaar 2006).

- "Hardcore wins Leids Filmfestival 2006 prize.

- Multidisciplinary project with artist Sebastiaan Schlicher named "antistar".

(More info on collaborations can be found on our website under "MEDIA").

- Shows in Bitterzoet (A'dam), 013, Azijnfabriek amongst others.

- SOFA shoot video to "Step Out".

- "All This Love" gets mastered by Memphis' Brad Blackwood.

- Album is shopped to majors and indies.

- Collaboration with Sebastiaan Schlicher on "antistar" project.


- SOFA record "All This Love".

- ?Someone?s Fading? (EP version) features in short film: ?Don Yang 60?.

- SOFA focus on the ongoing album production.

- SOFA's first performance in the art gallery scene. (Galerie Hang, Amsterdam)

- Shows in Amsterdam, Den Helder, Roermonds "De Azijnfabriek".

- Lucas and Yvo compose ?Sunday Soon? tune to Danerolles TV-ad.

- SOFA shoot a video to "Leap".

- Mixdowns for the album "All this Love".


- SOFA make it to the finals of Wraak van Brabant festival.

- Shows in venues 013, W2, Groene Engel, Tagrijn, Gigant, Bosuil etc.

- SOFA support Intwine, Daryll Ann and play packages with 2nd Place Driver.

- SOFA Plays live on National radio?s 3FM.

- Live debut in Germany.

- Drummer Hans leaves the band, SuperGroover's Patrick Eijdems temps.

- Drummer Stefan Sterrenberg (ex-Flowmotion) joins the band.


- SOFA's EP receives enthusiastic reviews in e.g. Oor & Fret magazines and

- SOFA EP elected ?Hollandse Nieuwe? on national e-community

- SOFA supports Kashmir (DK), Sukilove (BE) on Holland based shows.

- Several shows in Dutch venues like 013 and w2.

- Someone's Fading wins Studio Brussel's DemoPoll.


- Yvo opens his Tilburg based studio The Velvet Overlook,SOFA?s home base henceforward.

- Collaboration with performing artist Sebastiaan Schlicher in video-performance ?Territorial Pissings/1x1=1?.

- "Territorial Pissings /1x1=1" gets aired in London's The Center of Attention and

the Obsession AV festival of Istanbul.

- SOFA* record their untitled EP.

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