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Originaire de : Montpellier
France Hérault
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Like the meeting between George Orwell and Aldous Huxley (1984, Brave New World), pop/rock/electro group RightOrwell is inspired by modern utopias and dystopias of our consumer society, the influence of social networks and the evolution of the contemporary world.

On committed and introspective lyrics, their music is both energetic, melodic and sometimes hypnotic.

The group is working on its 1st album (to be released in 2021), and is preparing a Live show with costumes and video projections, going up the Time Tunnel of pop/rock history to get his musical inspiration from the past, present and future.

RightOrwell are : Sébastien (vocals, synth, guitar), Jérôme (guitars), Vincent (drums, back vocals), Fabien (bass, back vocals)

#pop #rock #electro #montpelier #livemusic #videoclip #rightorwell