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Minkus Rock Latino
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Minkus! It has nothing to do with the great Polish composer? It?s a ?Metal melodious? Spanish music band, founded in spring 2002 by five musicians from the area around Lausanne, all coming from various musical horizons. José the singer, Gianni and Alex at the guitar, Zahra at the bass and Steve at the drums.

In 1999, the band experiments, explore various musical styles, going from rehearsals to little intimate concerts until the day when Alex decide to go abroad for one year. During his absence, Gianni takes up the torch and recruits Zahra the bass player and Steve the drummer. It?s at that time that they compose the first notes of theirs famous Red Shot or Gravity.

One year later, when Alex comes back, the band finally is complete and from then on? Minkus is born!

In spring 2002, their ?Metal melodious? style confirmed itself and the first lyrics are written, first in English and then in Spanish. While listening to the fluidity, with which the singer expressed his self in his own mother tongue, they all unanimously agreed that Spanish would prevail over English. With their good shaped songs, they decided to anticipate and make a name for themselves on the scene of French-speaking part of Switzerland.

At the beginning of 2003, the band went through the doors of the S&D Studio to record their first CD, which is expected to be a demo album with 4 songs on it. During the recording, the common enthusiasm quickly transformes this demo into an album with 8 tracks, included two bonus. This is the first cry of the newborn ?Hermano?. The same year, they obtaine a sponsoring contract with ?Keetch Clothing Metalwear?, a clothing brand which is very present in the world of extreme sport and music.

Minkus go on stage in different parts of the French-speaking part of Switzerland, including the ?Docks?, the ?Usine à Gaz? or even the ?Paléo Festival?, accompanied by various groups. But Minkus don?t want to leave it here. Courageously, they decide to cross the barrier of the ?Röstigraben?. Besides, it?s in Zurich, that they take part in several contests, in particular in the Real Live Music, where they make it to the finale. Very enthusiastic, the jury of this contest, which, by the way, brought together more than 70 bands, awarded for this 2005 edition the prize ?Best Bass Player? to Zahra.

In parallel, Minkus takes part in several radio transmissions (Couleur3 ?Krakoukass?, Frequence Banane, Radio Fribourg et Chablais), as well as a few chronicles in the Transit magazine, the Internet and also an interview on Tvrl and TVM3.

To really be known, the band calls a movie producer from the ECAL, Alexandre Charlet, to realize a movie clip on the song ?Divorcio?. It will be diffused on several TV channels.

In 2007, Minkus auto-produce their first album ?Minkus? included 14 songs, recorded et mixed by Stiga ( sound Engeneer from Geneva) at Belle-Fontaine Studio in Lausanne and masterised at the Cutting Room Studio in Sweden. They take advantage of this album to do a featuring with a band from Paris (France), Alarash, and to mix on a Funk-Metal sound french and spanish lyrics.

Furthermore, the group has signed with a management and distribution firm called ?Arkemist-fanatix? and ?UK Distribution? to release the album first of all in Europe and afterwards in the world.

To sum up, Minkus knew how to integrate the Spanish and English singing into a style mixing power and harmony. They bring a new dynamic to the world of metal. With more than twenty tracks of their own, Minkus can play on stage for more than one hour.

They are ambitious and creative and their target is to confirm their place in the world of music.

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