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KomaH Metal
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KomaH was formed around summer 2007 in Hainaut , Belgium . The 5 guys all had strong backgrounds on the Belgian metal scene , so the idea of sharing their musical influences , experiences and desires was something they couldn't miss .

They will start touring and tearing apart Belgium and Europe from January '08 / Hoping to release their first record before end of 2008 .

What kind of music ? you ask ..... answer : Metal .... Yeah , but what kind of metal ? you ask again .... answer : Fuck you !!! should we answer something like Power screamo emo death white black blue metalcore mixed with post punk hardcore ???.... Fuck you again !!!! Music ain't about categorizing everything ! We play music that comes from us , that fits us well , and makes us feel good .... if you wanna put some tags on it ... do it , but don't ask us to do it .....

You want a clue about the musical direction? read this

"A lot of our friends who used to be in kick-ass metal and hardcore bands are adding these pop choruses now for no reason. I think they're making the same mistakes that all the bands in the early '90s made when metal turned to complete horseshit. They're totally watering down their tunes to sell more records. We're just trying to prove that bands can still sell records and tour and have a career by making a heavy fucking record." Quote from Trevor Phipps (Unearth frontman)

See you on stage


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