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Re-count Rock
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Re-count is a 5 band piece born in 2008 in Lugano (Switzerland)

The band feautures musicians coming from several different

Backgrounds and many years of experience in the Swiss & Italian music scene.

Line up:

Jo Learned: Voice (ex Maja)

Marcello Sansone: Bass (ex Honey Flowers)

Jiddy: Guitars (ex Koma)

Omar E.Bernasconi “Silom”: Machines (ex Elyan)

Daniel Akaoui: Drums (Silence is chaos)

The band plays an ineresting mix of Electro-Rock-Alternative

That find the perfect support in the voice of is singer.

The band is actually planning to go on road in order to promote

Their new CD “Egocollective” and their music.

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