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Ensis was founded in 2006 after the split of the band Tchaka. The remaining drummer and guitarist were quickly joined by musicians from other former luxemburgish bands such as Desiderata, Presshell and Spyglass. Taking an all natural turn and leaving much of their former musical styles behind, the five headed toward what can be classified as Death/Trash Metal. In January 2007, Ensis played their first show, and soon more were following. All in all, thirteen shows were played in 2007, in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, sharing the stage with bands such as Darkest Hour, Himsa, Ephel Duath, Apocalypse Now, Under the Pledge of Secrecy, and of course local burners such as Defdump, ExInferis, Desdemonia, D.A.D.O.E.S. and many more. In july 2007, the 5 musicians entered the locally renowned Flappi Studios where 4 songs were recorded and released two months later as their debut EP, entitled ?Overture / The burning shrine of hypocrisy? with approximately 20min of playtime. The reactions to the EP from mostly online fanzines where throughout more than positive and soon the small american label Respawn Records agreed to distribute the EP in the United States, where the band also got featured on a compilation by the same label. Currently, ENSIS are working on new songs, laying out the first blueprints for their first full length album, to be released later in 2008, without refusing to play a few shows if the occasion presents itself.

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