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yearn Rock
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Hello there, I'm just another stupid musician on earth, student at the university of Bern and hope forming a band one of these days (thank you Pink Floyd...). Like you noticed, I hear a lot of old (but still great) music stuff from Pink Floyd to Neil Young and Led Zeppelin. But there are also a few bands in the present that I like to mention, there is from Switzerland (!) Favez (they do the straightest rock ever! Absolutly great...) Porcupine Tree (was on concert in Z7, it was phenomenal...) and other stuff from Muse to Tool and Perfect Circle...My own sound-stew is cooked by a bonfire-music, adding a big pinch of rock-pepper and finally get spiced with some psychedelic-mushrooms...Then you have a sound like I use to play myself. At the time I do all the recordings on my own, but the songs aren't complete yet (the "rock part" has to wait a little while, without percussion and bass you can't play real rock...). Anyway, I like to play music and if you're from switzerland or even near my domicile and you're interested in doing some music with me, then just contact me by my e-mail. See ya and enjoy the music on my band website. Cya

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