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le veupien Afrique
le veupien
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Z BEST is a young Senegalese artist who began his music career in 2006. in 2007, he formed a group with General called GET 4 LIFE. Then, after some misunderstandings on some points, he decided to leave this group to join another, this time called HIP HOP BEST SOLDIER.En Z is criticized for new members that joined, their lack of motivation and involvement in hip hop. That he decided to leave the group later to lead a solo career in 2008.
Then in 2009, he participated in a contest Rap Freestyle (BATTLE SCHOOL) organized by a label HTB. Z BEST won the competition on 17 rappers come from all over Senegal.
He takes things seriously in 2010 by recording his first single "Z Best is back" which was also made ​​video Blvd Dof Records. Not to mention the other sounds already registered but are not yet available to the public, Z BEST in 2011 is dedicated to the Twins a Dee Jay (Pi and Ji) and the entire Mifa Pi Ji and highly appreciated that the sound .
Right now working on her debut album which will be soon. In the meantime, fans can warm up with these sounds that will appear on this page. thank you, Z BEST. Yup big up to all! Nio FAAR !!!!!

Aucune video sur cette fiche.
LauraM - 27/02/2016 à 09:52

+1 du jour !!

Bon week-end en musique !!


Allan Bapst
voté :)
Allan Bapst - 21/05/2015 à 11:56
voté :)
LauraM - 20/05/2015 à 19:08
+1 du mercredi + écoutes !!! avec beaucoup de plaisir!!!

Merci à tous ceux qui votent pour moi !!!

Pour ceux qui ne votent pas encore, contactez-moi et le vote sera mutuel et quotidien !!!


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