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Originaire de : Lugano
Suisse Tessin
Derniers sons :
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Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Stendeck is a brilliant electronic act bouncing between ambient parts, distorted beats and noisy keys with the presence of acoustic instruments opening warm landscapes to the listener's ears.

The name Stendeck is a variation of "stendec", the final strange Morse code radio message sent by the plane Stardust on August 2nd 1947 before its mysterious disappearance.

Alessandro Zampieri, the man behind Stendeck, born June 14th 1977 in Lugano, Switzerland, began his musical career at a very young age playing the Piano. Stendeck was formed in 1999 when Alessandro Zampieri at the age of 22 turned his attention to the new borders of electronic music.

In 2002 Stendeck put all his efforts in the making of his first demo album, "a crash into another world" which had very good reviews and a warm welcome from music fans all over Switzerland. The beginning of 2003 marked a change for Stendeck, when Alessandro, seeking new experiences, worked on the audio effects of a very interesting short-film "The Bridge", by a promising young director, Gaston Dupuy. During the same year he started working on his debut album, taking a completely different approach and pushing the boundaries of his sonic research even further. This new record builds his strengths on his songwriting abilities leading the listener in a mindblowing musical experience. The album is called "Can you hear my call?" and was mastered by Mike Wells (Gridlock). Finally in December 2004 Stendeck joined Geska Records...


Full Length Albums

2007 .:: faces :-: Geska Records ::. (reviews)

2005 .:: can you hear my call? :-: Geska Records ::. (reviews)

2002 .:: a crash into another world :-: demo 2002 ::.


2007 .:: HyperReality :-: Aliens production ::.

2006 .:: IBM Vol. 3 :-: IBM ::.

2006 .:: New Input Noise :-: HellektroEmpire Records ::.

2006 .:: The Other Side :-: Geska Records ::.

2005 .:: ALPHA :-: Geska Records ::.

Remixes and Collaborations

2007 .:: [Technoir] Deliberately Fragile :-: Alfa Matrix ::.

2006 .:: [FinisLanda] Original Score :-: Dir/Daniel Bilenko ::.

2006 .:: [Autoclav1.1] Visitor Attractions :-: Crunch Pod ::.

2006 .:: [HIV+] Overdose Kill me :-: Caustic Records ::.


12:03:2005 [Lugano, Switzerland @ LivingRoom Club]

17:04:2005 [Montreal, Canada @ Club Saphir, COMA2 Festival]

23:04:2005 [Toronto, Canada @ The Vatikan w/ S:Cage]

26:05:2005 [Chiasso, Switzerland @ Zion Club w/ Fennesz]

18:03:2006 [Lugano, Switzerland @ LivingRoom Club]

23:03:2006 [Quebec City, Canada @ Temps Partiel]

24:03:2006 [Montreal, Canada @ SAT, COMA3 Festival]

28:03:2006 [Ottawa, Canada @ Zaphod Nightclub]

31:03:2006 [Toronto, Canada @ Waterfall Lounge]

05:05:2006 [Leipzig, Germany @ Moritzbastei w/ Amnistia]

24:03:2007 [Lugano, Switzerland @ LivingRoom Club]

21:04:2007 [Geneva, Switzerland @ Letage]