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poplawrence New Wave
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Le 7 Novembre 2008 Pop Lawrence était au cinéma studio de Grasse en avant projection du film de Pink Floyd "The Wall" pour son ciné-show live de 20mn..l' evenement a été flasher par 2 radios locale "Frequence K et Agora fm qui est par ailleurs une des principales radios en Provence Alpes Cotes d 'Azur a diffusé les titres de Pop Lawrence -autres infos, Pop Lawrence annonce l' arrivée sur le web de son nouveau titre baptisé " Sphinx of the New Age"

Borrowing from the mode the heritage of the Eighties, Pop Lawrence advances by modifying the kinds, the nouns, the concepts, the modes, the music and the cultures. There zigzags in appearance with each appearance and however remains discrete.

Into full “Black Culture”, there plays the “Dead or Alive”, plaggie sometimes but remains clear on this matter. He declares “the colors of time are different, the weather is good and the temperature also”. He declares then that it is not that an adventure in addition to-space which revives according to a kind very borrowed from the neo-romantic and hippy-punk, regarding him as pop-psycho-psychédélique, a chip engraved on the cortex, he rewrites scenes already used with the culture pop-music which the fact of reviving in a transitory way a such DJ new technology by using the electric currents and discographics of the time and reinvents itself in Black Culture emergent where he represents himself pacifist and romantic.

Pop Lawrence Leslie Disco Music
Author/Interprets: Pop Lawrence
Self-Production: Pop Lawrence
Web Master and Graphics : Tony Kernos
Kind: New Wave Electro Pop And Dance

Pop Lawrence Discographie:2013 1-Disco Leslie 2-Jealousy In The Land 3-Thirteenth Moon 4-Spaceradio 5-Live Of Venus 6-Sphinx Of The New Age 7-Juliet In Saturn (A Boy In Your Eyes Who Believing The Sky) 8-The Gun Of Lovers Extrait de l' album déposé " Love Conquest On stéréo "

Pop Lawrence current events

The pop concept Lawrence dancer free style tends showed during the 3 years according to whether it leaves room to the concept of a Web site which makes promotion spectacle, disc, publicity, press, distribution, kiosk, store but also gallery, theater to see radio operator hooks and small interviews… the music and the spectacles of pop Lawrence it is before a whole electro musician with the mobile concept disco music and dj during evenings. It appears with its instrumental “disk platinum” as much for this producing that for animated the evenings. When the exits disco music make the request of some producers or organizers of evenings of dances and modes… of the exhibitions and a frame of mind close to the “matrix” of the interviews “new age”. A little electronic information and one locates quickly it pop Lawrence. For the moment it connects during 3 years 5 promotion of 5 minor roads 2 titles in order to produce an album “short career”. That starts by chance with calculate of one works remained in the shade a few years. Decided materialized this project into auto- producing its first “electro” album for the need for its Web. It Conceives the echoes him even for fans out of grass and nevertheless curious to know an artist with famous sometimes mysterious.


Connected artist, one notices it little, due it is dissimulated, under the pageantries private of the press disco music. Communicating artist, you will never meet it. Hidden behind its electronic systems, it operates dissimulated behind a control screen. If you saw it, it is only one illusion because the spectacle is already finished!!! Yes the exhibitions are very rare due, it avoids them. But is thing sure if it were not seen it should be seen… But or say to me? And well I let to you imagine the continuation: “on am the Web I idiotic?”

Yes! Pop Lawrence has just created its first site dedicated all spectacularly to the performances of dance during animation DJ which it carried out during 3 years into powerful “in one shot” of evenings DJ (I do not tell you the short-circuit) it is its business!!! He declares: the evenings are made to dance, the music to move, the rate/rhythm to go there… In preparation on the official Web site of Pop Lawrence of the music recorded via a home studio vencois and with the program of the electro/pop music/club…

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