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ONOV Metal
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I started to play the drums in 1994. After practising alone and with friends, I joined a local band of the Parisian suburbs called "Deathinition" in 1996.

I made my first studio and on stage experiences with this band until it splits in 2001.

Then, I played drums in many bands with differents style such as pop-rock with L'Aura, visual key with Ab'Sainte and, of course, heavy metal with Metal Wings or Andras.

From 2004 to 2007, I play with Empire Of Dreams, which released a CD in 2006 "Birth Of The Empire". I have a side project of brutal black metal with Caïn, guitarist of EOD, it's called Destroyer Agricultor, since 2006.

And, since the beginning of 2007, I am Polaris' drummer, we're about to record an album, which should release in 2010.

I'm also recently, the new drummer of the black metal band Epidemia Mortaliis.

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Polaris - making of "the va'adian chronicles" slideshow

diaporama presentant la realisation de l'album de polaris "the va'adian chronicles"


Mixage de l'abum "The Va'adian Chronicles"

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