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Originaire de : Luxembourg
Luxembourg Luxembourg
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« A mythical bird that never dies, the Phoenix flies far ahead to the front…… »

(courtesy Master Lam Kam Chuen)

Rising from the ashes of a now defunct band, the newly founded MADCROW has the strong will power to fly to the front of the new Luxembourg Music Scene, not unlike the legendary Phoenix did ages ago.

MADCROW is all and foremost the charismatic and tall workaholic: singer Tascha. She is known to have a broad musical taste and, after having paid her dues in various bands, is now concentrating and giving her overwhelming power to the new project MADCROW.

Assisting her is long time brother in crime, bass player Alex, who can hardly hold back his energy and is eager to enter the stages in and around Luxembourg. He is the driving force together with Tascha.

Occupying the drum seat is Tom Martin, a very open-minded, yet serious musician from Croatia. He has been playing professionally for the best part of his life as a drummer and percussionist, having successfully combined both acoustic and electronic drums. After numerous tours through most European countries and some Eastern ones, he finally got to live in Luxembourg where he founded a few bands and is still today part of most of them. He too is very engaged in the Madcrow project.

Latest recruit however is Sacha, who will be tinkling the ivories in the future. Despite his rather young age, he has been playing with some of the best Luxembourg musicians and has done a few solo projects too, ranging from piano home recordings to Techno, Rock, Jazz and Big Band music. A very versatile and humorous person who enjoys laughing very much.
Last but not least, Mil, the grey eminence, who has played in too many bands to enumerate here, is holding down the guitar spot and provides fatherly advice