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Bernard Saku Contemporaine
Bernard Saku
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Based in Luxembourg, I devoted my self to serving the people all over the world with the Reggae, Dancehall, Rap and African Rhythms, some times with a mixture of Pop & Hip hop styles not forgetting the nearby future dream surprise which is Soul & RnB. My Band is international in the way that all my musicians & I all have different nationalities to mention but a few; French, Italian, Germany, Thailand etc. I?ve recorded and mixed my music with the Criola Studio in Luxembourg, and mastered at Skywalk GMBH in Germany. I?ve performed with several Luxembourg musicians, to mention but a few, Younited Soulz with which I released my very first song entitled ?Tchiga um pouco masperto? in December 2000, on the album TCHIGA MAS PERTO. This song was admired by the producer of the film known as CLUB DES CHOMEURS, Mr Andy Bausch, who ended up using its sound truck in one of his latest films. I?ve also performed on functions like Independence Day Celebrations and the International Music Day with Younited Soulz, and with another group known as D? juju on the same occasions. I?ve also been featured & released a number of songs with a number of different Artists, groups & musicians.CAN FIND SONGS OF MY VERY FIRST CD WOMAN OF TODAY "All 4 love" ON iTunes

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