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Originaire de : Bruxelles
Belgique Bruxelles
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Timofey Reznikov was born 25 years ago, from birth he has been exposed to the world of music thanks to his musician parents. His musical career started in Russia. In 1996 he took part in many musical projects with varying style of music from Funk, House, Rock etc During this period he held concerts and tried to find his own style of music by composing the songs himself. In 1999, Timofey started work as a composer, an arranger and also worked for the radio. This work experience has enriched and played a major part in providing him with the knack and professional vision for popular music. After studying for 4 years at a music college, Timofey graduated in 2000 in the Jazz Trumpet section.

In 2003 he went to the Royal National School of Mons to study electro acoustic music. It is whilst at this music school that he learned a lot about sound design, technical synthesis, recording, mastering, composing etc His studies have enabled him to change the way he composed and viewed music and opened up a new wave of ideas that at time, allow him to produce pieces that are amazingly crazy. At the end of 2004, Timofey began to learn Disk Jockeying. He did not waste time in playing at parties. Since early 2005, Timofey starts work on the album entitled Echoes which was released in January 2006. He succeeded in putting together different genres like Jazz, Funk, Ambient, Trip-hop on one track. On each piece of Echoes , music lovers are able to tap into each sound, movement and melody. In August 2006, Timofey takes part in a series of live Echoes concerts in collaboration with the group Woodish, in the same month he signs a management contract with Moyo Records. At present, Timofey spends a lot of time touring clubs. He performs on live set (electro-house) and DJs in night clubs.