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Packo Gualandris Techno
Packo Gualandris
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Biography (English)

PACKO GUALANDRIS lives in Oberkorn (Luxembourg) and spent all his time in music, beginning when he was 5 years old. He started playing electric organ and keyboards, later he tried the electric guitars and then the drums (played in a Punk-Band, but not for long:) and finally piano etc.

In the year 1995, he had enough electronical equipment to start producing and recording his own music tracks. At latest at that moment Packo knew that he found his favourite music styles:

In September 1999, he started DJing with turntables. From there, 4 years of full mixing training, day by day, for hours and hours.

From 1999 until 2001, he started playing Trance, Acid-House and Underground Techno. Then from 2001 until 2004 he mixed Techno, "Schranz" and Hardtechno with the DJ-Name "P@cko". During 2004 he realized that it's getting too monotone and boring and then, after hours of researches while one year, on internet, Packo Gualandris discovered lots of very great artists, producing "REAL" good Tech-Trance. And he was impressed by lots of Breakbeat Producers. This made his style change a lot!

Since 2002 Packo is an active member of Odd-EvenZ Luxembourg. It's a DJ Booking Agency and Event Organization ... and probably one day a Record Label.

Now, his DJ-Sets are very various, containing all the elements described in this Biography. We could say he spins "Groovy and Progressive Electro-Techhouse that always contains Breakbeats, Melodic and Dreamy Elements".

Packo Gualandris spins a lot in Luxembourg and played his sets in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and is one of the most wanted Luxembourgish electronic music artists!

In the future he's planning lot of projects with his friends "dr.gonZo" from Luxembourg, "Lucasch" from Czech Republic and "Python" & "Cream Sound" from Russia.

In December 2006, Packo released his first track: Joe Montana - Five Stars (Packo Gualandris Remix) on the Munich Label Haiti Groove.

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