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Four musicians passionate of surf who light up the European tracks with the sound of their melodic punk rock since more than ten years? Obdurate, of course!

The band, based in Tourcoing, is built around two brothers passionate by music: Kim and Kareem.

From Café concerts to festivals, Obdurate built itself a solid experience of the scene which will lead them on Swiss, Austrian and the hottest Norwegian spots very quickly.

The MCM / On Board Magazine Tour, which takes them along the four corners of Europe, is a right dedication for the band whose will and energy never weakened!

In parallel, the group records frequently.

From "First", first real album in 33T format, to Unplugged, Obdurate surfed on the wave of punk rock. But it is with "Misty Flip", in 2003, that the four are made known by a large public.

One year after, Obdurate returns with their new album "Burning by the sun"! Full of new Jamaicans influences or of ska beats, the musical universe of Obdurate is asserts itself with blows of more committed texts, engraved melodies and always with their explosive riffs.

"Burning by the Sun", first extract of a concentrated pure album of Punk Rock'n'roll!

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We built our recording studio and then, started a new LP
Listen the first song very soon here, or on:

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