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Originaire de : Villejuif
France Val-de-Marne
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Darknight is an Alternative Instrumental Rock composer. He's dedicated to his lifelong purpose of being a Rockstar, while making his mark in music history with an uncompromising original, creative and authentic artistic vision, and a unique approach to composition.

With an inspiration drawn mainly, but not exclusively, from numerous Post-Grunge bands such as Days of The New, Tantric, Crossfade and Alter bridge, Darknight's Alternative Instrumental Rock, from one composition to another, has tastes of Grunge, Rock, Blues, Celtic, Medieval, Country, Oriental, Funk, Jazz, Metal and more.

Eight years after composing his first album, A Different Path (2011, unreleased), Darknight presents his first officially released single, Well, It's Time. And while there's still a lot to be discovered in the upcoming releases, this melody and variation rich Alternative Instrumental Rock piece can be considered a good foretaste of many of the different facets of Darknight composing style. Despite the uniqueness, some fans found similarities with bands like Alice in Chains, Tool, Opeth, Camel, Tuber and Dream Theater

Darknight is currently involved in different projects, including upcoming releases (A Different Path "Re-recorded", two other albums currently in production and several single releases), major placements on TV and Video Games, upcoming Lives and Tours, Partnerships with brands, International Online Merch, Darknight Tribe Fanbase development* and more

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